What does it take to create and launch a new prestige beauty brand in the USA?

  1. What is your brand vision?

You must have a point of difference or a specific category killer.  All buyers are presented hundreds of new brands monthly. You must make your packaging unique so it stands out in the sea of other brands. The brand image and all verbiage on the front of the packaging is the most important.  It must be clear and state the top 2 or 3 key selling points and product function.  Start with hero products and keep SKU’s limited in the beginning.

On Branding: Disruptive Ways of Communicating with Consumers


For any brand, figuring out ways to communicate and capture consumer interest is a tall order. For a beauty brand, figuring out how to communicate to the consumer who, on average, only gives you three seconds of her time before moving onto the next brand on the shelf is even more complicated.  Constantly bombarded by data, these days consumers don’t have to go looking for information on their favorite brands, it practically comes to them, which is why if you want to make the kind of lasting impression that will convert to sales and long-term loyalty, you’ve got to get disruptive in your execution.

Insights From a Professional Beauty Distributor Insider

 Joe Mastalia President of DePasquale Salon Systems (DSS).
Joe Mastalia
President of DePasquale Salon Systems (DSS)

1. Is technology specifically mobile apps and customer management software changing the business at the salon level?

Technology with regards to management software is assisting the salons to measure their results.  The successful salons are utilizing these reports to address areas that need improvement.  With regards to mobile apps, I don’t think they are as important to salon professionals as much as they are to individuals who use them from their cell phones.

Subscription Box Model: Is It Right For Your Brand?

Sampling is a necessary tool in the marketing mix for any brand in Beauty.  Industry data has long cited sampling as the number one driver for sales conversion.  Therefore, with the advent of beauty subscription boxes, brands are eager to take advantage of their practices for sales conversions.  However, with so many box services from which to choose and each one offering a different take on beauty, how does a Brand choose one box versus another?  As we tell our clients, all beautiful relationships begin with two fundamental principles- Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Partner.