Parents looking for clean and green personal-care products for their little ones have more choices than ever these days. And it’s not only parents who are purchasing baby-care products—adults with sensitive skin have long shopped the kiddie aisles for gentler options.

It’s not surprising that parents (versus nonparents) are leading the way when it comes to buying natural and organic personal-care products—a fact revealed in a recent study from Mintel ( that also showed 34 percent of those parents had kids under 18 in their households.

“Parents are information seekers when it comes to raising their kids and, therefore, could be more aware of ingredients to avoid in their children’s personal-care products, as well as their own,” reported Jana Vyleta, Health and Personal Care Analyst at Mintel. “This presents an opportunity for natural and organic personal-care brands to target parents, as they should incentivize them to purchase both adult- and child-specific products.”

Just who is behind many of these small, green personal-care brands dedicated to babies and kids? Industrious and creative mothers who wanted a cleaner and better alternative for their children—and yours. (According to Euromonitor, more than three-quarters of the $300 million U.S. market for premium baby-care brands is controlled by companies with a market share of less than 2.5%.)

One of those inventive mothers is Melanie Hurley, founder of Piggy Paint, a water-based, odorless nail polish that is safe for all ages, non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals, and made in the States. “My girls were the spark for Piggy Paint and continue to be the inspiration almost ten years into this adventure,” shares Hurley. “I was always concerned about the chemicals found in traditional nail polish and began searching for a safer option, thus Piggy Paint was born. Our mission is to create non-toxic, premium products that are worry-free and completely safe for kids—my kids and your kids.”

Piggy Paints is such a success that Hurley is launching Rock the Locks, “haircare with fun packaging that kids love and ingredients that Moms trust,” as well as SOPHi, an adult polish line. Learn more at

4 More Good Green Lines for Young Ones

Little Green

With the tag line “As close to Mother Nature as you can bee,” Little Green was created by salon and day spa icon Carmen DePasquale, and launched in 2011. This comprehensive line—everything from Cradle Cap Care to body washes and shampoos for babies to Curly Hair Cream, Hair Detangler, and Nourishing Body Lotion for kids, as well as a four-product Lice Guard System—was inspired by DePasquale’s 11 grandchildren—many of whom have had allergies and sensitive skin. The line is hypoallergenic and paraben-, sulfate-, gluten-, and allergen-free.

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Good for You Girls

Both of Kim Grustas’s daughters had serious asthma and sensitive skin as babies, which lead her to found this company in 2008. With the tagline “The Natural Start to Healthy Skin,” the award-winning line is vegan and gluten-free and is also free of dyes, parabens, phthalates, silicone, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance. Made with recyclable packaging, the line features a clever 3-Step Starter Kit, Pore-Cleansing Pads, Organic Lip Balms, and Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant—to name a few.








This beautifully packaged line, launched in 2014, is an Indo-German alliance that has something for everyone—including three gentle products for babies. Omorfee Babies features Milk Kissed Baby Butter (a body butter), Bloom Baby Shea Soap, and Bloom Baby Hair & Body Wash. The majority of ingredients in this line are certified by BDIH, ECOCERT, ISO, Halal, and USDA Organic.

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Olive Oil Skincare Company

An Australian-based line for home, body, face, and hair, the Olive Oil Skincare Company also features a line specifically created for babies. With an ingredient base of extra-virgin olive oil, the line offers Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Soothing Balm, Cradle Cap Oil, as well as Unscented Pure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Soap and Goat’s Milk Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Soap.

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By: Mary Bemis, Founder & Editorial Director, & Co-Curator, Cosmoprof North America Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf

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