Katerina Larden — THE visionary behind hey honey®

Katerina Yoffe Larden is a hardworking mother, wife and entrepreneur. Like most women in her position, Larden’s skincare regime took a back seat as she juggled the day-to-day duties associated with her many roles. Realizing just how much money and time she was wasting on unused products, she took matters into her own hands. Larden decided to create a skincare line that would adapt to her busy lifestyle—with a minimal skincare regime that would offer lasting effects. Her ultimate vision was to create a natural product based on the healing and nutritive properties of honey bee propolis.

“We didn’t invent this powerful combination, but rather created skin-loving products based on ancient-times wisdom, crafted with cutting-edge technology,” says founder and CEO Katerina Yoffe Larden.”

From Concept to Reality

In 2014, Hey Honey® was brought to fruition. Larden sold her successful advertising agency in Israel, and moved to the United States. Without much knowledge of the beauty industry or business practices in America, Larden managed to turn her concept into reality and began manufacturing.

“We reached to create a great product, but to succeed we needed to get it in the right hands,” says Larden. “We decided to exhibit at Cosmoprof North America in the Discover Beauty Special Area because we felt the event would help propel our brand. It did not disappoint and remains the first and only show we do.” Hey Honey® exhibited at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) in 2015 and 2016, with plans to return for the 2018 event held July 29-31st at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Larden credits part of Hey Honeys’ success to CPNA:
“We’ve made so many connections, from Ulta and Duane Reade to key distributors from Germany, and the largest vendors from China. Coupled with the media, blogger and supplier connections we made, CPNA was one of our best business-building platforms.”

Larden made an interesting point when she noted that where many brands fail is in making the mistake of thinking platforms like CPNA will alone build the brand. She offered some valuable insight when she stated:

“You have to be willing to put the work in and be open-minded. Many brands go in focused on meeting Sephora, but there are so many other opportunities that deliver year-round results, and you have to be prepared to capitalize on those, as well.”

Cosmoprof North America – Expanding Brand Visibility

Cosmoprof North America is the largest and most awarded business-to-business beauty event with over 1,300 exhibitors and 36,000 attendees. No other event has more sought-after buying organizations under one roof. From the specially curated areas and extensive conference lineups, to the powerful networking events, buyer-matching programs and live TV shopping auditions held on the show floor— CPNA provides unparalleled business-building tools.


“It [CPNA] provides everything that a start-up needs, and more. Although some consider it too big, which surprises me, the organizers do an amazing job of walking brands through the process. CPNA also enables true brand progression—as you grow you can leverage new areas and opportunities the show offers. In short, we are focused on where we want to be and where we want to go. As such, we align ourselves with the best— which is CPNA.”


Larden has experienced great success with her natural skincare collection, Hey Honey®. Over the past three years, Hey Honey® has grown to become an award-winning skincare line and has been featured in leading national publications. To learn more about Hey Honey®, or to place an order, visit: www.heyhoney.com. For more information on Cosmoprof North America and the upcoming 2018 event, visit: www.cosmoprofnorthamerica.com.

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