How Do You Leave Your Beauty Mark? Top 5 Trademark Tips

A solid brand name and / or logo can enhance or kill a great product and can be the most valuable asset of your business.  And with hundreds of thousands of beauty brands in use around the world, it is easy to unknowingly pick a brand name or logo that someone else already owns or that you cannot stop others from using.  Avoiding common mistakes in selecting and protecting distinguishing brands (also known as trademarks) can save you time, money and disruption to your business.  Here are top 5 things to consider so you don’t get sued over branding.

What’s Growing in Green Retail

By: Mary Bemis
Founder & Editorial Director at

Three leading natural retailers explain how to get in the door and on their shelves

Here’s a refreshing—and important—truth about getting into the green beauty market: “Brands are not really competing with each other in green beauty; it’s a positive movement, and we’re all in it together,” says Romain Gaillard, CEO and Founder of The Detox Market. “Green beauty represents such a small fraction of the beauty world, that we’re much better off sticking together.”

These are not only wise words for an emerging market that continues to define itself, but a fresh new approach to doing business in a market that demands transparency like never before. I recently spoke with experts from three leading natural beauty retailers to find out not only what they look for in natural brands, but how these brands should approach them. Here’s what they shared.

Been There, Heard That

How to Create a Standout Beauty Brand

By Kimberly Brizzolara
Director Strategy & Editorial, Bartlett Brands

Been there, done that, put it on my face yesterday. We all know that the beauty landscape is crazy crowded. So how does a brand stand out on shelves stacked high with bouncy cloud cream-serums and insta-feeds throwing every shade? Find the nugget that’s unique about your brand—and turn it into the foundational rock.

Give Your Brand A Makeover: How Top Beauty Brands Stand Out

cpna-12When it comes to beauty brands, there’s good news: the demand for digital content has never been higher, or more accessible for consumers. Social Media has allowed beauty brands to create a more viable experience to learn, share and try new products. Where other industries may be challenged, it’s easier to create an engaging video tutorial for makeup application or a new hair product than ever before. Through culturally­relevant, highly shareable content such as expert tips, incentives and giveaways, beauty brands have taken advantage of the high demand for constant digital and social content. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and now Snapchat have allowed consumer engagement to increase leaps and bounds leading to not only views but engagement ultimately driving sales.

Storytelling That Keeps Consumers Awake & Excited

cpna-11Q&A with Ethelbert Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, InstaNatural


What is brand storytelling and why is it important?

In today’s environment, consumers have endless choices and distractions.  It’s important we, as brand leaders marry the needs of our target consumers with the right message and in the right medium.  The perfect storm is created by delivering a seamless brand experience throughout all touchpoints and without a loss of signal.

Influencer Marketing Trumps Paid Media: What the Beauty Industry Can Learn from the Trump Campaign

By Conor Begley
cpna-5I stumbled across an article the other day in the New York Times about the current presidential election that I think has some surprising similarities to what is currently happening within the beauty industry. I know this sounds far-fetched, but walk with me for a minute here.

The article is titled, “Measuring Donald Trump’s Mammoth Advantage in Free Media” and discusses how Donald Trump’s success has confounded most political experts because of the small amount of money he has spent on paid advertising. The article argues that he has benefitted most strongly from what is known as earned media. Earned media is coverage by news outlets, television studios, blogs and social media that is unpaid for. According to mediaQuant:

Simple Tips for Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI: Part 1


Trade shows are an important marketing and sales tool. They provide the rare opportunity to meet with existing customers, identify new prospects and expand overall brand awareness…all at once. In the end, nothing compares to the face-to-face interaction for promoting your brands and company. However, trade shows can be a costly endeavor when adding up all the necessary expenses: staff, logistics and travel, collateral development etc.  With our show (Cosmoprof North America) fast approaching, many exhibitors are seeking advice for how to maximize their exposure and ROI.  This two part series will provide some tips to get the most ‘bang for your buck.’ Let’s start from the beginning…