What does it take to create and launch a new prestige beauty brand in the USA?

  1. What is your brand vision?

You must have a point of difference or a specific category killer.  All buyers are presented hundreds of new brands monthly. You must make your packaging unique so it stands out in the sea of other brands. The brand image and all verbiage on the front of the packaging is the most important.  It must be clear and state the top 2 or 3 key selling points and product function.  Start with hero products and keep SKU’s limited in the beginning.

On Branding: Disruptive Ways of Communicating with Consumers


For any brand, figuring out ways to communicate and capture consumer interest is a tall order. For a beauty brand, figuring out how to communicate to the consumer who, on average, only gives you three seconds of her time before moving onto the next brand on the shelf is even more complicated.  Constantly bombarded by data, these days consumers don’t have to go looking for information on their favorite brands, it practically comes to them, which is why if you want to make the kind of lasting impression that will convert to sales and long-term loyalty, you’ve got to get disruptive in your execution.

Does Your Brand Need A face lift?

At last year’s Cosmoprof North America I got to see my creative partner at united*, Andy Johnson, literally kill it on stage with an amazing presentation on how young, even start-up brands and entrepreneurs can develop their point of view and bring their brands to market so that they are truly differentiating. The message was that there is so much passion and energy in this industry, but that this doesn’t compensate for poorly designed brand strategies. Really sharpening a brand’s point of view and how and where to tell the story is something that many companies need help with, for sure. Companies big and small.

People were in line for almost 30 minutes after the 2010 session to talk to Andy and pick his brain on their ideas, brands and ways of coming to market. And this year he is back for more! In fact, be on the look for Andy at Monday’s session from 1:30 to 3:00, August 1, Private Label – Emotional Branding– How to Navigate and Attract? where his topic will be “emotional branding”.

The More You Know: I Want to Take My Brand to the Next Level

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, the beauty competition today is fierce! A great product is simply the price of entry into the marketplace and the marketplace is filled with great products. Not only do you need fabulous product, you also need innovation. You need a “hero” product that can stand on its own which connects to the consumer emotionally and quickly. But that is just the beginning…you also need an amazing story.

Does Your Brand Need Advertising or PR?

You have decided to fulfill your dream of launching the beauty product that every woman in the universe can’t live without. The next step is to get the word out there that you’ve single-handedly saved the world and created the best product ever! Reality check!!!! It’s not that easy – you have to determine exactly what you have a budget for… marketing and / or advertising. So here is the age long question: “Does your brand need advertising or PR?” Even if you decide to go grass roots in the beginning, you have to be savvy about the new world of social media and running your beauty empire in-house. We have asked some experts in the field of public relations, retail and branding to get their perspective on which will serve you better and where the industry is headed as it relates to PR and advertising.