Recognizing the Power of Beauty Packaging Design, Formulation and Technology.

A one-of-a-kind celebration, Cosmoprof Asia Awards are held each November at Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong. The prestigious event honors those creators who dare to change the face of beauty, and acknowledges their fascinating contribution to fresh ideas and products in the beauty sector. These innovators include brands and manufacturers in cosmetics, hair, skin, nail care, and beauty salon products.


The event gathers exhibitors from each segment of the beauty industry — from raw materials to formulation, packaging to OEM/ODM, and machinery to finished products. The Cosmoprof Asia Awards feature an international panel of judges who are influential in the world of beauty. Judges include Britta Fleck, President & Managing Director at Glossybox – USA, Jisa Paek, Beauty Director – Vogue Korea, and Louis Houdart, Founder Managing Director – Creative Capital, China.

There are two main award groups: Innovation Circle and Beauty Circle. Innovation Circle brings awareness to brands that have an outstanding beauty product that encompasses formulation, technology, and packaging design. Entries in the Innovation Circle are awarded based on creativity, sustainability and execution.

Beauty Circle, on the other hand, highlights innovative choices in hair, nail, skincare, color cosmetics and beauty salon products. Entries in the Beauty Circle are awarded based on marketability, marketing impact, the capacity of the exhibitor to create strong brand building and promotion while cultivating relationships. Two additional areas include social media impact and the ability to maintain a strong online presence.

Both the Innovative Circle and Beauty Circle are further broken into categories.

Innovation Circle categories:

  • Make-Up Formula, includes color cosmetics and nails
  • Skin-Care Formula, includes skin-care, hair, toiletries and personal care
  • Skin-Care Packaging Technology, includes skincare, hair, toiletries and personal care
  • Make-Up Packaging Technology, includes color cosmetics and nails
  • Packaging Design, includes color cosmetics, nails, skincare, hair, toiletries, personal care and fragrance
  • The Special Jury Award (amongst all finalists)

Beauty Circle categories:

  • Make-Up Product, includes face-complexion, eyes and lip products
  • Skincare Products, includes face, body, sun care, personal care, and toiletries
  • Nail Products, includes nail care, colorand art
  • Hair Products, includes hair care, hair color, and hair styling
  • Natural and Organic, including all product categories
  • The Best Beauty Brand Online Award (amongst all finalists)
Cosmoprof Asia awards: Innovation Circle + Beauty Circle winners


Starry Vision Co., Ltd. (China) Separated Liquid Liner


HCP Packaging Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong) Electric Dreams

Gotha Cosmetics S.r.l. (Italy) Transforming Lipstick


Bkolormakeup & Skincare S.p.a. (Italy) Magic Mask + Spray Activator



Wunder 2 (UK), Prime & Behold Professional Primer


PLABIO Co., Ltd (Korea)




Manucurist (France), Manucurist Mirror Effect Kit
































Gelle Freres France (France), Eau De Parfum Encapsulated Queen Next Door | Won Natural & Organic + The Best Beauty Brand Online Award








Studio Ma D.O.O. (Slovenia (rep Of) Color Us Vibrant Party


















Each category was broken down into finalist before the winners were selected. Cosmoprof Asia Awards gives honorees prestigious recognition in the beauty industry. For more information and how to apply for the 2018 awards, find out more here.

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