Spas & Makeup: A Missed Retail Opportunity

Spas + Makeup + Retail
By: Mary Bemis, Founder & Editorial Director, and Co-Curator
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When I’m at a spa, be it day, destination or resort, I always check out the makeup offerings. And I can tell you it’s on the rare occasion that I’ve seen a makeup retail display done right—or even a decent, trend-forward makeup brand in the mix.

What’s Growing in Green Retail

By: Mary Bemis
Founder & Editorial Director at

Three leading natural retailers explain how to get in the door and on their shelves

Here’s a refreshing—and important—truth about getting into the green beauty market: “Brands are not really competing with each other in green beauty; it’s a positive movement, and we’re all in it together,” says Romain Gaillard, CEO and Founder of The Detox Market. “Green beauty represents such a small fraction of the beauty world, that we’re much better off sticking together.”

These are not only wise words for an emerging market that continues to define itself, but a fresh new approach to doing business in a market that demands transparency like never before. I recently spoke with experts from three leading natural beauty retailers to find out not only what they look for in natural brands, but how these brands should approach them. Here’s what they shared.

Discovering Beauty at Amazon: How To Get Your Brand In the Cart


Amazon is a force that’s here to stay with online beauty retailing and has huge pull felt across the omni-channel retail platforms. Consider these numbers: Amazon accounted for about $2.5 billion in health and beauty sales last year which represented a 47% increase compared to 2015, One Click Retail estimates. Amazon’s continued dominance in all retail categories continues to impact the everyday beauty consumable brands we touch.

TV Home Shopping Culture: Is your Brand Camera-Ready?

image001 (2)With combined worldwide sales exceeding $13B, together QVC, HSN and EVINE share millions of happy consumers, and hundreds (if not thousands) of brand partnerships, and it’s clear that home shopping is here to stay.  But just exactly who is the home shopping consumer, and what does it take to get her to open her wallet?  TBC, QVC, Eve Pearl and Doll 10 have the answer.  Join us at Cosmoprof on Sunday, July 24th at 1pm for TV Home Shopping Culture: Is your Brand Camera-Ready?—a deep dive into everything that makes the home shopping beauty consumer tick, from the people who know.

Alice CosmoProf Interview Q’s and A’s

How is the Millenial Generation changing eCommerce for beauty brands?

cpna-10Millennials bring to the table a unique set of purchasing habits unlike anything we’ve seen before. They shop differently than their mother’s and grandmother’s, and want complete control over the shopping experience. Millennials go out of their way to cultivate their own unique style, and purchase decisions are more likely to be influenced by social media, advice from their friends, celebrities, or famous beauty bloggers than by a brand or traditional advertising. Consumer incomes are on the rise, and the changing lifestyles presented by the Millennial group are driving the global beauty industry, which is forecasted to reach $265 billion by 2017. This consumer group gravitates towards eCommerce instead of in-store shopping since it allows Millennials to achieve complete control over their shopping experience. Beauty brands are rethinking their strategy to reach these consumers, taking advantage of augmented reality beauty solutions so shoppers can instantly try and buy online or in an app, creating a true end-to-end eCommerce experience.

Fundamentals of a Perfect Sales Presentation: How to Connect with Buyers

harlan-kirschner-lThere are many steps to making a perfect sales presentation and I suggest every sales professional develop a key combination that works for them. Through experience, I firmly believe it is important to start with a solid foundation before assembling that winning combination. A foundation built on INTENT. Is your intent to build a “win-win” business solution?  Is your intent to provide a successful outcome for your customer?  Is your intent to build a trusting business partnership?  Starting with genuine intent will drive your actions and will build a trusting relationship with your customer.

Subscription Box Model: Is It Right For Your Brand?

Sampling is a necessary tool in the marketing mix for any brand in Beauty.  Industry data has long cited sampling as the number one driver for sales conversion.  Therefore, with the advent of beauty subscription boxes, brands are eager to take advantage of their practices for sales conversions.  However, with so many box services from which to choose and each one offering a different take on beauty, how does a Brand choose one box versus another?  As we tell our clients, all beautiful relationships begin with two fundamental principles- Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Partner.