Amareta: Natural Skincare That Caters to the Hormonal Changes of Women

Interview with the ceo and co-founder of amareta

As the green beauty revolution continues to rise, consumers are constantly in search of the safest products for their skincare needs. As women, it is oftentimes challenging to find a product that caters to the hormonal changes of life.

We spend tons of money on skincare products because we want to take good care of our skin and achieve that natural glow—only to realize that as hormonal levels fluctuate, so does our skin. Through natural life changes, such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause women want to remain confident and feel beautiful inside and out.

A CPNA Success as Sweet as Honey

Katerina Larden — THE visionary behind hey honey®

Katerina Yoffe Larden is a hardworking mother, wife and entrepreneur. Like most women in her position, Larden’s skincare regime took a back seat as she juggled the day-to-day duties associated with her many roles. Realizing just how much money and time she was wasting on unused products, she took matters into her own hands. Larden decided to create a skincare line that would adapt to her busy lifestyle—with a minimal skincare regime that would offer lasting effects. Her ultimate vision was to create a natural product based on the healing and nutritive properties of honey bee propolis.

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By Karen Young

cpna-1The statistics aren’t in your favor: According to Harvard Business School, over half of American startups are gone within 5 years. It’s a long, lonely haul. Money usually runs out too soon and friends and family crawl into the woodwork.

But no matter how many times I repeat the grim stats to perspective startup clients, no matter how many times I tell them that based on history and my experience, they’re living a long shot, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

If they’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, there is no antidote. It’s as though they’ve been driven to the edge and nothing short of jumping off will quiet the voices in their heads.

Funding tomorrow’s great ideas

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1. How does CircleUp help companies?

At CircleUp, we connect innovative consumer product and retail companies with consumer-focused investors so that companies can raise capital more efficiently and investors can access dealflow, conduct diligence, and invest in consumer companies more efficiently as well. We saw a huge gap in the marketplace for consumer companies with less than $10M in revenue because the private equity firms and strategics don’t focus on companies below that size.These companies would typically spend 12 months fundraising and have a difficult time getting in front of relevant investors. We also think consumer is an interesting industry for earlier stage investors as there is less selection bias and easier to understand business models.

Entrepreneur 101: The Elevator Pitch and other key insights

Karen Young | CEO The Young Group

I was on the phone with a passionate entrepreneur this morning and it took him 22 minutes to explain his concept to me. Not only did he lose my attention, but I was convinced he hadn’t thought through the product story. In an era when everyone has ADD, multi tasks, doesn’t listen and refuses to read, this is not a good start. Executive summaries have replaced concept decks. Acronyms have replaced conversations. Text messages are practically considered full blown dialogues. That USP (acronym for Unique Selling Proposition) had better be strong, concise, clear, compelling and immediately understood.

By now, everyone has heard the adage that you have 4 seconds to connect with
the consumer. She is being bombarded with upwards of 5k messages of some
sort daily.

One on one with Chief Carrot Lover/Co-Founder – Ido Leffler – Yes To!

Question: Tell us what’s the latest with Yes to Carrots?

IL: Wow, Yes To! has had a lot of new this year! We just moved into our new headquarters in San Francisco, doubling our space in order to make room for all of our new family members. Secondly, we have recently had a very successful launch of Yes To Blueberries — our “Age Refresh” line in the USA (with global launches coming throughout 2011). Lastly our distribution continues to expand and we have closed on 28,000 stores (in the last 4 years)!