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Year in Review: FDA Hot Issues 2017

By: Ronie Schmelz
Counsel at Tucker Ellis LLP

Despite Deregulation in 2017, Cosmetic Companies Remain FDA Focus

President Donald Trump has made deregulation a cornerstone of his administration, demanding that for every new regulation proposed, regulatory agencies identify two regulations for elimination; however, this directive has not impeded regulatory oversight at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Although the number of FDA Warning Letters sent to cosmetic, skin care, and other personal care companies has decreased significantly under the new administration, these companies still remain a focus for FDA.  While the future is impossible to predict, the following summary of regulatory activity in 2017 provides a good guidepost for the types of claims to avoid so that your company does not become the recipient of an FDA Warning Letter.

Cosmetics 101 — Product Safety Comes First

Cosmetics 101 Starts with Product Safety

By: ICMAD — Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors

CPNA interviewed a leading expert in the industry – Craig Weiss – in anticipation of ICMAD’s Technical/Regulatory Forum that is held February 13-14, 2018 in Newport Beach, California.

Craig Weiss, the President of the Consumer Product Testing Co. (CPT), is no stranger to the cosmetics industry.  As he puts it “I was practically raised in the company.” That company is the Consumer Product Testing Co., which Craig’s father Mel started in 1975. CPT is a toxicology facility doing acute testing work for the cosmetics industry.  Mel introduced Craig to the industry when Craig was young and by age 13 he was in the facility with his Dad learning by osmosis.  When Craig graduated from college with a bio-chemistry degree, his father said there was no job for him at Consumer Product Testing and so Craig, undaunted, “cut his teeth” in other parts of the cosmetics industry until he joined CPT in 1991.  Almost 27 years later, Craig is the President, running a $15M operation with 130 employees.  CPT tests all types of products and devices from cosmetics and sunscreens, to medical devices and over-the-counter drugs.

Retailer’s Corner: Pharmaca’s Unique Store Concept and Growth Strategies

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy (www.pharmaca.comwas founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2000. For nearly two years, a small staff worked out of the back room of your first store in Boulder’s Ideal Market Shopping Center. Growing this new concept from the ground up, Pharmaca’s integrative approach was changing the way people thought about going to the pharmacy. Do you feel that this model creates a more trusted relationship with your customers?

CPNA’s In-House Expertise

Cosmoprof North America’s Daniela Ciocan is somewhat of an expert on industry news. As the Marketing Director for the show, she must keep her finger on the pulse of the industry in order to provide the most beneficial and unique showtime experience to both attendees and exhibitors. Ciocan recently collaborated with prestige retailer for an article for GCI Magazine on the importance of consumer feedback. Click here to see the original article, or keep reading to learn their tips.

Retailer’s Corner: SKINS 6|2

With Las Vegas being a mecca for all things indulgent, retailers have to stand out from the rest of the glitz and glam in order to attract and maintain clients. SKINS 6|2  is a luxury beauty concept store that came to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas after having great success in the Netherlands.  There, the retailer strives to bring newness and innovation to a discerning customer base- the tourists and inhabitants of Las Vegas.

CPNA sits down with founders Marie and Michiel Poelmans to learn more about the secrets to their success:


CPNA’s Retailer’s Corner – Claudia Lucas, QVC

QVC’s Director of Beauty Merchandising, Claudia Lucas, has years of proven experience identifying emerging trends in the beauty industry. She has particularly honed knowledge of the premium/luxury cosmetics and beauty industry. As the woman that millions of other women turn to for advice, she has a keen and flawless eye for what they need and want. We asked her to take a minute out of her busy schedule to share with Cosmoprof North America what inspires her and what she sees as the next big thing in the beauty industry and on shopping television. So is there a huge difference going from a brick and mortar specialty environment, such as Henri Bendel to shopping television? What are some of the similarities and differences? It certainly is different. I have been fortunate in my career to have worked across various retail channels in beauty. I started in travel retail, and then…

GCI Magazine’s CEO Corner –Interview with COO Andrew Knox of PIXI / POP Beauty

Andrew Knox: President of PIXI and POP Beauty,

Building and fostering a successful brand requires executing at a high level on many aspects: defining consumer target needs, developing packaging that reinforces the needs and expectations of that target, and offering ingredients and formulas that deliver on the brand promise, among them. And all that relies on strong consumer insights built through dialogue and a continuous effort to engage consumers.

Retailer’s Corner: How to Survive & Thrive in the Online Space

Imagine being the “President of Beauty.” Kathleen McNeill has that coveted title as the President and General Manager at With that, comes the huge responsibility of an on-line business which allows consumers the flexibility to shop simultaneously for masstige and prestige beauty products – all at the click of a button. Kathleen obviously lives and breathes beauty, and is committed to always looking for new brands that will compliment her wide assortments ranging from beauty basics to Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion in a Jar. We asked her to take a minute out of her busy schedule to share with Cosmoprof North America what inspires her and what she sees as the next big thing in beauty.