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How Do You Leave Your Beauty Mark? Top 5 Trademark Tips

A solid brand name and / or logo can enhance or kill a great product and can be the most valuable asset of your business.  And with hundreds of thousands of beauty brands in use around the world, it is easy to unknowingly pick a brand name or logo that someone else already owns or that you cannot stop others from using.  Avoiding common mistakes in selecting and protecting distinguishing brands (also known as trademarks) can save you time, money and disruption to your business.  Here are top 5 things to consider so you don’t get sued over branding.

Luxe Ink: A Passion for Semi-Permanent Makeup

Founder Interview with Sondy Mok and Liya Luo

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

Liya has 10-plus years in the beauty and microblading business. She is skilled in creating the perfect natural brows for her clients. She started off as an esthetician and has always been fascinated with how to help her clients overcome the aging process and hair loss in their eyebrows.

Adsorb Beauty: AntiBody Technology in its Skincare Formulation

. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

I am a third-generation beauty lifer. My grandfather was an immigrant from Russia who created Jeris Hair Tonic in 1918, that became an iconic barber product. My father later acquired several brands and grew the business before we sold it in the late 1990s. I realized it was part of my DNA at an early age, and I have been at it ever since. I have worked for several companies in different classes of trade in executive capacities and as a consultant. I am now happily self-employed and work together with my wife Lisa and son Josh.

Spas & Makeup: A Missed Retail Opportunity

Spas + Makeup + Retail
By: Mary Bemis, Founder & Editorial Director, and Co-Curator
Cosmoprof Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf

When I’m at a spa, be it day, destination or resort, I always check out the makeup offerings. And I can tell you it’s on the rare occasion that I’ve seen a makeup retail display done right—or even a decent, trend-forward makeup brand in the mix.

Experience the Power of Professional Hair Color

Interview with the Founder, Leilani Macedo, President of CLiCS

Experience the power of professional hair color made for the digital age. CLiCS is a revolutionary, on-demand hair color system that empowers salons and stylists to formulate with ease, precision, and predictability. No inventory to manage, no tubes to toss or excess color to waste —just beautiful, high-performance color with infinite possibilities. CLiCS’ revolutionary technology completely changes the color game on so many levels. Continue reading to learn more about how CLiCS began.

Interview with Leonardo Rocco, Founder of Rocco Donna

Curated By: Tiffany Mitchell
Cosmoprof North America Team Member at

Chatting with the Founder of Rocco Donna professional, Leonardo Rocco

We took some time to go behind the scenes of Rocco Donna Professional and chat with the Founder, Leonardo Rocco. Rocco Donna will be attending this years’ Cosmoprof North America 2018 show, held July 29th-31st in Las Vegas, NV. Rocco has an amazing story; continue reading to learn more about his fascinating background in beauty and how Rocco Donna first began.

The Cannabis Dilemma and How It Relates to Beauty

By: Tiffany Mitchell
Cosmoprof North America Team Member at

the cannabis dilemma in health and wellness

Cannabidiol—CBD, better known as cannabis, has become an ingredient that is highly controversial when used in health and wellness products. However, the use of CBD in products has natural healing components that offer pleasing results for consumers who opt for CBD treatment.