Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

As early as 24, I realized that I needed to work for myself to blend motherhood and entrepreneurialism in a lifestyle that could inspire change in the products I wanted for my family. In Southern California, my husband and I created an environmentally preferable industrial cleaning company to provide alternatives to hazardous chemicals for cities, school districts, and municipalities. Then, several years later, I had my first daughter. We wanted to raise our family outside the hustle and bustle of Orange County, in a clean, healthy environment of nature, which for us meant the Garden Isle of Kauai. We sold everything, including the company that started it all, jumped off a bridge, and moved with our little girl in our arms to the most remote landmass in the world.

Q. What inspired you to start your company and create your brand?

When we moved to Kauai, we were inspired by the bounty of the island and the amazing plants that would create Malie’s natural beauty products. In 2004, Malie was created. With over 150 organic and natural products in the current line, Malie now has four retail stores, is sold in luxury spas and hotels throughout Hawaii, and has expanded distribution to the mainland and beyond to seven countries around the world. Malie’s spark of inspiration creates opportunity throughout Hawaii, and the little girl who we named the company after is now driving, dreaming of college, and works in our Malie Poipu store.


Q. What makes your brand different from other beauty brands?

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When you begin with organic ingredients, the integrity of the entire formula is crafted with the highest quality. Organic ingredients are as close to the plant’s orginial form as you can get . . . and as nature intended. We choose the purest, most unadulterated form of organic plants to provide enormous benefits for the skin, while also helping to protect our planet for generations. As a mother, this means a lot to me.

A luxurious organic line inspired by the natural bounty and botanicals of Kauai

Q. What is your most unique product, and why?

Malie’s Botanical Body Gloss is skincare at its finest. It is an original and unique formula specifically designed to moisturize skin with the same glorious luster of a lip gloss, but for your entire body. A blend of organic botanical butters with raw island honey and beeswax are melted together, then whipped with luxurious extra-virgin coconut oil to form a thick, smooth mixture that glides effortlessly on skin. Absorbtion is immediate, leaving skin with a desired silky radiance. Providing a protective barrier that locks in moisture, Malie’s Body Gloss leaves skin hydrated and glowing, glossy yet never greasy. This luscious body gloss glides on wet or dry skin and lasts longer than lotion.Q. Without giving away too many of your secrets (smile)—what do you anticipate your growth to be next year, and what is your direction for the future of the brand?

We are excited to introduce Malie’s newest skincare line. Malie’s Botany Beauty Collection is an organic, fragrance-free skincare line powered by the best plant science on Earth! Plants share the same building blocks as our skin, while containing free-radical fighting antioxidants and hydrating emollients that we all need for optimal, healthy aging skin. Malie’s Botany Beauty Collection incorporates potent age-defying active ingredients like plant peptides, botanical hyaluronic acids, and alpha hydroxyl acids from carefully chosen, powerful and nutrient-rich plants, without the use of chemicals, which can cause damage. Launching now!

Q. Finally, what gets you out of bed in the morning—what is your daily motivation?Drawing inspiration from the amazing island in which I live; captivated by the beautiful essence that surrounds me; I am motivated daily to share these amazing ingredients and aromas with the world, through Malie’s natural and organic offerings.


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