By Mary Bemis
Editorial Director, & Co-Curator, Cosmoprof North America Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf

I was catching up on my magazine reading the other day and came across a fashion story summarizing the season’s trends by writer Lisa Armstrong in Harper’s Bazaar. One sentence in Armstrong’s piece really struck me:

“If the ‘70s owned glam-rock, in 2018 we have glam-comfort.”

Wow, did that little sentence pack a powerful punch. Glam-comfort. Ever since “self-care” took center stage and “spiritual beauty” started popping up to sell magazine covers (Marie Claire, February, for example, boasted the cover line “Spiritual Skin Care”)—I’ve been bugged and bothered by the meaning and intent of both.

What is Glam-Comfort?

Glam-comfort sums up where we are and where marketers should pay attention. It combines mindfulness with hedonism. To be totally mindfully hedonistic—fully conscious hedonism. “Think of conscious hedonism like this: I’m going to get the most out of every cell in my body, and I’m going to enjoy it all, whatever it costs,” said Stephen Kiesling, editor in chief of Spirituality & Health magazine, which turns 20 this year.



Let’s back up a bit: The big news in skincare for years now is that your skin is your largest organ and that basically, anything you rub on your body is the same as anything you eat. We’re aware that it’s all connected: what you eat can show up on your skin as a rash, and what you apply to your skin can really mess up your innards.

The big news in skincare now is that we’re looking at all of the relationships that lead up to the final product.

“The beginning of the product is not only healthy soil, but totally happy people making an honest living doing what they love,” enthuses Kiesling. “The more you track down your own happiness to the happiness of the people supplying the luxury [high-end clean skincare], luxury doesn’t have to be exploitative.” Ultimately, Kiesling says, the biggest news right now is carbon sequestration in the soil. It’s our best bet to fight climate change.

Real green beauty is green beauty all the way down to the roots of the plants—the roots that are literally sucking carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it safely back in the earth.

Glam-comfort is all about knowing where your products come from. It’s knowing and trusting the entire supply chain—a supply chain that gives back and that is made up of healthy people doing what they love.


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