As a beauty industry insider and generator of growth for our industry, our mission at COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA is to provide information to cosmetic companies to allow them to best protect and steward their business interests. There are serious talks brewing in Washington DC over a possible legislative battle taking place where it seems that misinformation is being provided to politicians by radical activist groups which can severely impact the way the business of beauty will be carried out.


We have invited and put on a stage the three largest associations – Personal Care Products Council PCPC, Independent Cosmetics and Manufacturers Association ICMAD and Professional Beauty Association PBA who are collaborating on putting forth a joint proposal for amending the SAFE COSMETICS ACT that will represent all the voices and facets of the beauty industry. The conference took place on Sunday July 31st in Las Vegas and it was an open session with about 130 people in attendance. The session marked the unveiling of a new website, (another joint effort from the three associations) SAFE COSMETICS ALLIANCE that will allow members of our industry to keep abreast on the legislative aspect easily and instantly. The industry is invited to go to the website, register, check it regularly for updates and become active in the process to ensure their rights are protected!

Below is a quote from the moderator’s session Ms. Pam Busiek, President / CEO of ICMAD on this topic:

Pam Busiek President - ICMAD

“Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the moderation of a “first ever” legislative panel at CPNA which was very pertinent to our industry of cosmetics, beauty and personal care.  At a time with many factions and detrimental legislation pending, it was a true pleasure to see the collaboration and unity of the three key associations within our industry, such as PCPC, PBA and ICMAD.   All of us representing the voice of our members in unity, while educating our members on crucial legislation.”

The conference was taped in its entirety and can be viewed online.

John Hurson – VP Legislative Affairs PCPC – “What the Beauty Industry is Doing NOW!

John’s presentation breaks down who is “attacking” the beauty industry by pushing for new legislation, and how the industry is responding.  After facing legislation on several fronts (from children’s products to organic claims), PCPC and other beauty associations are making efforts to pursue bipartisan support and to work with activists to protect both the needs of the industry and consumers.

Sharon Blinkoff – Treasurer / ICMAD – part 1 -“The Future of Haircare”

This clip gives viewers a glimpse of what distributing hair dyes and professional products will be like if the Safe Cosmetics Act is passed.  This bill will prevent sales, and manufacturers will be forced to export.  In addition, the FDA plan to constrict claims on labeling, making it more difficult for brands to attract consumers, and making it mandatory to list all contaminants in ingredients lists.

Sharon Blinkoff: part 2- “FDA’s Current Authority for Cosmetics”

Sharon Blinkoff addresses the current power that the FDA has over cosmetic companies, eredicating the belief that beauty industry has no regulations placed on it.  Content includes information about “voluntary” recalls within the past year, and the consequences companies face, including public access to all warning letters issued by the FDA and/or FTC.

Sharon Blinkoff: part 3- “New and Upcoming Regulations- and the tools used to enforce them”

This segment covers the most information: sunscreen and anti-bacterial regulations, labeling claims and fines and warning letters. Also, new organic and green labeling guides, and how the FDA and FTC are on Facebook to publicize their finds, allow consumers to complain, and to search for additional consumer complaints.


Steve Sleeper/ Executive Director / PBA  – “PBA’s role in legislative affairs of the Beauty Industry”

Steve addresses the upcoming legislative issues that affect small businesses and salon owners, and what PBA is doing to protect and help its members.  While the salon industry has maintained its profits during this tough economic climate, PBA continues to work to have lawmakers help the beauty industry, with initiatives such as “Welcome to Our World.”

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