Founder Interview with Sondy Mok and Liya Luo

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

Liya has 10-plus years in the beauty and microblading business. She is skilled in creating the perfect natural brows for her clients. She started off as an esthetician and has always been fascinated with how to help her clients overcome the aging process and hair loss in their eyebrows.

Sondy has a background in biomedical science, is a licensed esthetician, and does professional makeup for editorials and magazine shoots. She is a perfectionist when it comes to the eyebrows, making sure her clients walk away with an amazing set eyebrow. 

Our pigments are rigorously tested to meet EU regulations— the strictest in the world— giving you the ultimate confidence and assurance that your clients are using the best ingredients!

Sondy met Liya three years ago; with their passion for the beauty industry, they partnered to create a formula for their ink that is safe for the skin with colors that stay true through time. They wanted to create a solution for women who were suffering from hair loss and feeling self-conscious.

Q. What inspired you to start your company and create your brand?

The business was created as a result of our passion for semi-permanent make-up. We realized that clients wanted brows, eyeliner, and defined lips as a permanent treatment, and so upon forming our unique brand of pigments, we created our Micro Pigmentation system. “Wake up to Makeup” is what we want our clients to be able to do.

Q. What makes your brand different from other beauty brands?

Our passion and the quality of our products. Our pigments perform well, last long, and do not change color! We believe in delivering the best of the best to our clients and customers. We pride ourselves on not using any animal byproducts (we use lecithin from soy, vegetable glycerin, and synthetic colorants) and do not test any of our products on animals, therefore we are cruelty-free. There is no formaldehyde or any nut oil in any of the Luxe Ink Pigments. Our pigments may also be used by a machine and/or by manual application. Our manufacturing processes were created to ensure our colors last: the way the pigment is made, blended, broken down, and mixed. The concentrated levels and most importantly, the fusion method of the pigments. Recognizing the need for not only safe pigments that stay, but for pigments that will hold true to color over time and not change color, with our own unique formula modifications and one-of-a-kind mixing process, we developed a pigment line that would out perform any other.

Q. What is your most unique product, and why?

Our most unique product would be our color pigments. With little to no mixing required to get that perfect color, these pigments implant quickly and easily into all skin types and ethnicities. We’ve selected inorganic and organic base colorants with greatly increased concentration levels and a rich and creamy texture.

Q. Without giving away too many of your secrets (smile)—what do you anticipate your growth to be next year, and what is your direction for the future of the brand?

Our goal for growth next year is to be able to double in our sales, as well as launching a few new additions to our line. For 2019, we foresee the launch of a new website, new products, new marketing, new courses and workshops, and much more.

Q. Finally, what gets you out of bed in the morning—what is your daily motivation

What gets us up in the morning is truly being able to make each and every single client of ours achieve what they are looking for through our products. We both have a passion and love for beauty and believe that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful! Our vision is to continue to make this company grow, change, and become greater every day. We want to keep creating, researching, and producing a product that not only enhances the beauty within to leave an everlasting impression, but also to help someone looking in the mirror again to feel whole. This product is a beauty enhancer for some, but a life-changer for others.LUXE INK PIGMENTS

​Our pigments have a different texture and quality. They do not dry out like most and is a bit thicker, which allow the inks to achieve lasting precision and definition. The microfine particles used, along with Ethanol, allow the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixture smooth as the technician works with them. Our pigments can be mixed to match your clients skin tones.

​We pride ourselves that our pigment line stays and ages true to its colors. We value our customer and we thank you for your business.

❤  All of our Products are Cruelty Free!

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