Multisensory Special Effects in Beauty Packaging for ROI that Glows

By Michelle Leissner The $532 billion global market for cosmetics may be glowing, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that even for the biggest brands, the competition is not pretty. Shiny new products emerge by the minute, targeting an increasingly diverse population of buyers whose options seem almost limitless. Is it even possible in 2018 America, to ever be more than a lipstick’s throw away from a makeup counter? But for all of the seemingly insatiable demand for skin that glows, eyelashes that plump, and an infinite palette of substances to apply to our cheeks, lips and eyelids, cosmetic buyers are finicky consumers. They won’t give you a chance to make them look good unless you make them feel good first. And why shouldn’t they be choosy, with acres of products to choose from? If you’re a brand manager with a budget big enough to bag an A-list…

Cosmoprof Asia Awards 2017: The Best in Beauty from Hong Kong

Recognizing the Power of Beauty Packaging Design, Formulation and Technology.

A one-of-a-kind celebration, Cosmoprof Asia Awards are held each November at Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong. The prestigious event honors those creators who dare to change the face of beauty, and acknowledges their fascinating contribution to fresh ideas and products in the beauty sector. These innovators include brands and manufacturers in cosmetics, hair, skin, nail care, and beauty salon products.

Packaging for Digital Media

How a product or package will perform online and in digital channels is a hot topic among designers and brand owners. Considering that online shopping is one of the fastest growing channels, packaging is crucial. It must be capable of drawing in passersby at the local retail store, but also rise above digital noise. The challenge? Creating packaging that is equally appealing on any of the potential shopping channels—from the beauty counter to broadcast. Securing omni-channel consumers (or those who buy from more than just one channel) is also acquiring a customer that spends more. As a matter of fact, omni-channel shoppers spend an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in store, and 10% more online than consumers who only shopped from a single channel. Those numbers only continue to increase should the customer also purchase from another channel such as a home shopping network.1 In short, a digitally savvy consumer is a highly desirable consumer.


….and how it will create the future of optimized beauty

Sophie_Maxwell_PhotoToday our health, wellness and beauty have never had more of a premium. Beauty is a super-power for our self-expression and we have never had such a wealth of knowledge, experience and product available to us to suit our individual needs and changing styles. But the real future of the beauty and personal care category will be driven by a much deeper knowledge and two-way dialogue with its consumers.

Tips to Install a Quality Control and Assurance Program

Quality efforts make the difference in a brand
By Howard Baker


Protecting your brand image and reputation is built on the quality of your products.  The most creative and brilliant marketing campaign goes to nothing if the quality of your product disappoints your customer.  The most innovative product you create
won’t make its place in the market if the product your customer buys isn’t made correctly.

Tips for Small Business: Creating a unique image on a small budget

BY Chris James, Vice President, East Hill Industries

One of the most challenging parts to building a small personal care brand is setting your product apart from the competition.  This challenge can be even more difficult when it comes to your packaging.  How can a small company that has to use in-stock packaging come up with a unique look and compete with  larger competitors who use custom packaging?  That always seems to be the million dollar question.  The good news is, over the last few years, many packaging companies have noticed and turned their attention to the lack of options.