Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy (www.pharmaca.comwas founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2000. For nearly two years, a small staff worked out of the back room of your first store in Boulder’s Ideal Market Shopping Center. Growing this new concept from the ground up, Pharmaca’s integrative approach was changing the way people thought about going to the pharmacy. Do you feel that this model creates a more trusted relationship with your customers?

Absolutely! We have customers who come in regularly just to get advice from our highly trained and educated staff. They have personal relationships with them.

I also love shopping at our stores for this reason. I don’t have the background in supplements or homeopathic remedies but I know that when I walk in, I will be matched with the products I need. And that’s because we have practitioners on staff with such diverse expertise.

How many new doors do you project opening in 2013 – 2014? 

We plan on opening 3 new stores in our next fiscal year, which starts in July.

3.       Customers came to discover new treatment options, develop relationships with your practitioners and appreciate the free cup of warm tea offered when they dropped off a prescription. Do you now see a demand in alternative treatments and preventive medicine on a daily basis? What about ingestibles?  

Many of our customers are already interested in taking a more proactive, integrative approach to their health care. They might use acupuncture alongside prescription drugs to treat pain, or homeopathic remedies to fight allergy symptoms.

What’s great is that we have this expert wellness team, made up of pharmacists, estheticians, naturopaths, nutritionists, etc., that can help customers identify the products that help them in this proactive approach.

And of course, beauty isn’t just about cosmetics, it’s about being healthier inside too. So when a customer comes to us for a moisturizer to combat dry skin, they might also get advice about fish oils and other supplements that can be preventing the dry skin in the first place. That’s sort of the beauty of this integrative approach.

4.       What do you think the next trend is in natural skin care? 

BB and CC Creams tend to still be all the rage. In addition, cosmetics and nail lacquer brands continue to be innovative with their color palettes, which has been increasing demand.

I also think that SPF products are in demand. SPF protection has always been a good value-add to products, and now you can find it in serums, eye creams, even hair care items. Hopefully this trend never goes away!

5.       What are you looking forward to seeing at Cosmoprof North America this year?   

I look forward to seeing the new brands in Discover Beauty. This is a great way for brands to launch and for me to see what could be hot for the year to come. I love to see the booths that really catch attention from the crowd–it’s a good gauge for me to access consumer interest because the reality is, we are not just buyers…we are ALL consumers.

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