A few weeks ago we gave you tips for pre-show planning. While many exhibitors are still in this phase, our show is fast approaching and it’s time to think about what you can do on-site and after to ensure the greatest return.

On-Site: Be Prepared, Be Visual, Be Energized! Connect!!

Know your audience and plan accordingly. Once you are onsite it’s important to have ample material. During your pre-show planning you should have identified what to bring in terms of samples, literature, visuals etc. Now that you are on-site it’s time to put it all together and get your message out. Be objective and be visual! Have staff wear fun shirts or do something that engages attendees. Make sure your messaging and visuals are clear, impactful and truly differentiated- everyone says they are the best, why are you different? Take a look at your booth from all angles to ensure its being properly conveyed from wherever someone approaches. Move star products to the front of your space. Place literature and relevant information where it can be reached. Determine how you are going to distribute samples- we recommend giving them out individually rather than leaving them out for all. At the end of the day, your booth is your store, your display space is your cash register and your goal is to get the most ROI and Sales. It doesn’t matter your budget or booth size – when done right, you can make an impact at any level. Keep the buzz going outside of the walls of your booth too. With most checking their phones and social media apps as they walk about, use social media and the official show app to keep attendees and the community at large involved. At CPNA we offer ways to engage with online influencers at no cost. The Beaut-E Zone is one such opportunity where exhibitors can connect with leading personalities. They are at the show specifically to review exhibitors and products of interest and provide a recap in their “Daily Best in Beauty Reports.” Like attendees, they can’t expect to know every exhibitor, so it is your job to reach out. Doing so could lead to great third-party exposure and increase your visibility by the thousands and even millions almost instantly if they decide to review your product on their social media channels. In addition, CPNA is also launching “CPNA Reviews” at the show this year. This initiative allows for exhibitors to visit a designated area and present product to two online influencers who will review the product instantly and on camera. The “CPNA Reviews” desk will be open throughout the show and videos will be posted online. Featured exhibitors will benefit by now having a product promo video done at no cost to them; which they can also use.

Most importantly though, BE POSITIVE! No one wants to ask questions or approach someone who seems like they don’t want to be there. You and your staff are a reflection of your brand. The days may be long but then again they are only a small time investment in comparison to your sales year. Also, be open. Not every person approaching you will be appropriate to your business but that does not mean they should be mistreated or disregarded. Every person that sees your brand and meets you is another touch point. You never know who will be your next brand ambassador. Don’t forget the media too. Make sure to communicate to them before, during and after the event. Doing so could get you featured in post-show wrap ups and other relevant articles. Lastly, know what’s going on during the show and participate. Whether it’s cocktails and networking events (@CPNA visit: or conference sessions (@CPNA visit: —stay abreast of all happenings and make the most of your time.

Post-Show: Not Time to Quit, Rather Truly Start!
Months of preparation, countless dollars and hours spent and now it’s all over….or is it? The main reason you exhibited was to secure new business. That may have happened on-site but most leads still need to be developed and followed up on. Do you have a plan to nurture leads? If so, great. If not, consider using several touch points regularly over the next 6 months (or however long your sales cycle is). About two week after the show, I recommend an email blast followed by direct outreach from sales. This gives attendees the opportunity to settle back into their routine and catch up on their own work. Thereafter it’s important to have a strategy for ongoing communication. Whether you engage in PR, advertising, social media etc., make sure your new leads are part of your communication sphere.
Remember, your investment is only as solid as the effort you put in. With proper planning, set-up and follow-up you can rest assured that you put your best foot forward and enjoy the ‘fruits of your labor.’
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