Q. What show did you exhibit at, and how was it successful for your brand?

We exhibited at Cosmoprof Discover Green in Las Vegas, 2017, and connected with many of the key buyers who make the decisions. Starting relationships with them is the key to success.

Q. How did CPNA help you?

The staff was amazing—better than any other shows out there. They were great with follow through and helped facilitate presenting all the brands to QVC. QVC then chose select brands that would audition for their buying teams at the show.

Q. Tell us about your QVC pick up.

QVC had just bought HSN that week, so we got to present to all of the buyers and producers of both HSN and QVC in America. In addition, all the global buyers were also there from France, Germany, Australia, and the UK, as well. It was brilliant.

Q. What makes your brand unique?

We are a natural and organic indie brand that are the first to launch with the addition of uplifting Flower Essences sourced in the wild of Australia. In addition to recyclable packaging and natural and organic ingredients, we have a unique product offer—Frangipani Shimmer Oils, Roll-on Scents, and beauty products that were created by industry experts in the beauty and advertising world.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your brand?

As a celebrity and advertising hair and make-up artist for over 25 years, I was inspired to create a brand that had natural and organic ingredients that helps inspire confidence daily. We created Lucy B’s Beauty within the beauty wellness industry with happy and inspiring mantras and the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Q. What is your best performing product?

Our Roll-on Oils and Frangipani Shimmer Oils and Beach Waves Collection perform very well.Q. What are some of the best processes/practices that you used to help you connect with consumers? 

We have done television appearances and been featured in Oprah, In Style, Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, and many other international magazines. As a make-up artist, I have friends in the industry that use it on their models and celebrity clients. Social media platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Q. Which social media platform proved more beneficial for you?

We have grown Facebook faster and are focusing on key collaborations with beauty and wellness bloggers and celebrities, and Instagram is growing well.

Q. How did you find your target market on social media?

By being who we are, a natural wellness brand, and working with key bloggers in that genre.

Q. Anything new you’re working on?

Yes, we’ll be launching a gorgeous new range of organic skin and make-up products, debuting at Cosmoprof this July.

Q. What advice would you give an entrepreneur just starting out in the beauty industry?

To truly come up with a unique idea, not a copy of anything else. Take your time with the incubating period; take time to find the best suppliers. It takes two years or so to get it all right when launching a new line or brand.

I was lucky to have met Lev and Alina, creators of the brand Fresh who inspired me to start my own brand. Finding great mentors and understanding that it all takes time. I had amazing mentors from Fred Segal, Robin Coe-Hutshing and many others who were always generous with advice. However, always trust your gut feelings, ultimately.

 Lucy B


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