Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas is the most awarded B2B beauty trade show in North America and serves as the ideal platform for high-quality B2B activities for beauty companies. 2017 brought forth flourishing opportunities and smart programs for the attendees and exhibiting companies that joined us. Saffron Secret®, a hair-care line that utilizes the organic properties of saffron as the product’s main ingredient, was among the companies that exhibited with CPNA 2017. We had the pleasure of reconnecting with Saffron Secret® after the show to chat about their successes. Here’s what they had to say:

In which show did you exhibit, and how was it successful for your brand?

“We exhibited in the Discover Pro section at Cosmoprof North America, and it was a great success, as it was the official launch of our brand. We chose CPNA as the premier platform for the occasion.”

How did CPNA help you?

“It gave us access to top-tier distributors, trendsetters, media, and interesting industry people. The nature of the show and the vibe enabled the forming of relationships, which serves as the foundation for good business.”

What makes your brand unique?

“We bring nature’s richest ingredient, saffron, with a wealth of positive nutrients to the forefront of modern-day beauty. Our in-house research and development have created a professional hair-care line which strikes the balance between health and beauty results. Our high-quality products’ benefits include hair and scalp nourishment, as well as safe premium raw ingredients and improved application techniques.”

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

“Saffron has been used for its medical and beauty applications throughout the ages, which sparked our interest. With this reasoning, along with the romance and exclusivity associated with the world’s most expensive spice, we set off on a journey to formulate a truly beneficial hair-care line with products that would enhance beauty, as well as deliver long-term health benefits.”

What is your best performing product?

“From a professional perspective, definitely the formaldehyde-free Saffron Smoothing Treatment. It delivers superior results and has a shortened application time, as there is no need to apply any clarifying shampoos or wash hair before the treatment.

From a consumer perspective, we would say the Saffron Hair Oil. Not only do the oils take care of frizz, but it is a leave-in conditioner, styling serum, and brings out the hair’s shine, all while not weighing down the hair. The organic saffron stamens, which can be seen within the bottle, express the epitome of the brand’s beauty.”

What are some of the best processes/practices that you have used to help connect with consumers? 

“We have not been aggressive in penetrating the market. We truly believe in the organic growth of the brand and nurturing our base of clients. We are very happy with the high percentage of reordering, and that is where we put our efforts. Once we have acquired our avant-garde niche, we will scale up accordingly.”

Anything new you’re working on?

“With a team of in-house inventors and formulators, it is very hard to not be working hard at developing new products. We have a fair amount of additions to the hair-care line, and we are also in the final phases of our skincare line development.”

What advice would you give an entrepreneur just starting out in the beauty industry?

“Deliver products to market that provide real benefits, which will make your future client base see them as must-haves and not nice-to-haves. In addition, acquiring a true passion for your brand will be the driver of what you are trying to achieve.”

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