Founder Story: Azure

Interview with the Founder of Azure Medical Technologies
Down to earth: how an aerospace engineering pro switched gears to create state-of-the-art skincare devices.
The founder of Azure, an aerospace engineer, has a deep desire to share his knowledge and give people top-flight products that work.

Beauty Tribe: A Powerful Sisterhood

Interview with Co-Founder Michiyo Oishi

 Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

I co-founded Beauty Tribe with my two sisters, Lea and Aki—The Oishi Sisters. We all have different educational backgrounds; the eldest, Lea, is a visual artist; I am a potter; and Aki, the youngest, studied economics. Our Japanese grandfather built factories in the 1970s, and he found his niche in beauty appliances. Those were the days when he helped women achieve that perfect Farrah Fawcett look.

Spa Pros Share What’s Trending with Devices

With today’s emphasis on holistic beauty, I was curious to learn more about whether or not there is an uptick in devices in the spa. I reached out to a number of spa and wellness professionals for their expert input.

“I have seen an uptick of devices at spa trade shows, but not necessarily an uptick in their use in spas,” notes Ella Kent, Director of Spa, Fitness, and Racquet Sports at Sea Island Resort.

Cirem Beverly Hills: Interview with the Founder

Cirem Beverly Hills | Pharmaceutical Cosmetics

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

We were born in a family-owned pharmacy with a passion for effortless wellness for all of our patients. Our specialty was in compounding, and we enjoyed helping our patients with our unique services. We noticed the increased demand for skincare, especially with our celebrity patients, as well as, unfortunately, the negative side effects that often ensued with almost all of the prescription-only ingredients in our formulas.

Raw Nature. Refined Skincare.

Interview with Founder of Ao Skincare, Mark Gary

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business?

I am a dermatologist and a dermatopathologist. My training was completed at Harvard, Cornell, and New Zealand. I have a keen interest in cosmetic dermatology, and I have been interested in cosmeceuticals for many years as part of my clinical practice. Together with my partners, we have worked hard to develop a range of skincare products with validated active ingredients which act synergistically to guide skin health toward its optimum state.

Made By Yoke Founder Story

Made by Yoke is a beautiful wellness brand that will be exhibiting at this year’s Cosmoprof North America convention held July 29th – 31st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. We wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect from this wellness brand that supports natural wellbeing through the practices of Ayurveda. Made By Yoke creates goods for the inner journey, and is rooted in the foundations of yoga and Ayurveda. Each product is made with intention, led by the wisdom of ancient cultures, and crafted seasonally through sustainable practices. All goods are socially and spiritually motivated – designed to honor the journey within. Tamara jones, Founder & CEO of made by yoke Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in the beauty business? I was studying Ayurveda in the coastal countryside of Australia, and I began mixing herbal…

10 Key Takeaways for Selling Skincare to Men

What Men Really Want From Skincare In my never-ending quest to uncover what men really want from skincare and grooming products, I spoke at length with Justina Mejia-Montane, Vice President Global Product Development, Aveda. “We know from men that their number-one concern is hair loss—that’s not a surprise to anyone,” she told me. But once this becomes a concern for men, it’s when they go into [product] action and start looking in the mirror. “The difference between men and women is that men are more of a reactionary consumer,” shares Mejia-Montane. “Women are more proactive, they try to prevent things—men are more like, ‘I see what’s happening in the mirror, and now I’m going to start taking reparative measures to address that.’” Mejia-Montane’s professional path includes time spent at Estee Lauder, where “One of the brands I was fortunate enough to work on was Lab Series for men.” She worked…

The New face of Natural Makeup: The Beauty Trend

Poor pigmentation. Too dry. Not long-lasting. Those are the three major issues that natural makeup has going against it, shares Nevio Ragazzini, a New York City-based makeup artist who, in his 25-year career, has worked on such beauties as Sophia Loren, Keira Knightley, and Natalie Portman. “It’s just hard to find a really good natural makeup brand,” he says. So, what is the beauty trend with natural makeup?

Spas & Makeup: A Missed Retail Opportunity

Spas + Makeup + Retail
By: Mary Bemis, Founder & Editorial Director, InsidersGuidetoSpas.com and Co-Curator
Cosmoprof Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf

When I’m at a spa, be it day, destination or resort, I always check out the makeup offerings. And I can tell you it’s on the rare occasion that I’ve seen a makeup retail display done right—or even a decent, trend-forward makeup brand in the mix.