There’s a green beauty revolution happening, and Los Angeles is at the heart of it. The Detox Market started as a little pop-up shop in Venice Beach when natural products were almost nonexistent and wellness only involved what you put in your body, not on it. With consumers getting savvier and research readily available — cheap fillers, toxic chemicals and synthetic additives are losing their appeal, but it can feel like reading an ingredients label requires a PhD. That’s where The Detox Market comes in. With their famously strict list of ingredients that they don’t allow, they have worked to create a haven for healthy, gorgeous beauty products that you can feel good about.

“When we started six years ago, there were just a handful of green beauty brands that met our standards. Now it seems like a new natural brand is created every day,” said The Detox Market. The Detox Market has tested thousands of products to find the standouts. Here are their findings:

  • “The first thing we check is the ingredients list. Even brands that truly believe they have clean formulas often don’t hold up.
  • We also wanted to know where they source their ingredients, and they must be cruelty free (meaning they don’t test on animals).
  • Next, we research each brand’s story. Who is the founder? Are they passionate? Why did they create their range? Finally, we try everything.

At the end of the day, a product can’t just be pretty, it has to truly work and be a pleasure to use.”


With natural beauty products outselling their synthetic counterparts by two and threefold, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of noise in this swiftly growing market. Consumers are being confused by “greenwashing”—products that seem natural because of the brand name, packaging, or marketing copy, yet those products contain ingredients that would be considered synthetic or harmful. Another issue is a wave of brands that look so much alike, they are almost impossible to distinguish one from the other.

“We are ultimately looking for truly green, unique, exceptional products.”


Healthy Beauty Products That You can Feel Good About

In green beauty there aren’t “trends” so much as exciting discoveries and developments. The Detox Market are fond of the use of superfood ingredients in skincare formulas. Plant sources of skin-savers like antioxidants, omegas, and polyphenols are being infused into serums, creams, masks, and cleansers. Maya Chia uses a special process to extract nutrient-rich chia seed oil in its Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Face Oil that leaves skin dewy, never greasy. SkinOwl has sourced the tiny purple maqui berry from Patagonia that has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit in the world for its lush Maqui Berry Beauty Whip. Odacité has harnessed the benefits of free radical-fighting matcha in its new powder-to foam Green Ceremony Cleanser that activates with water to whisk away impurities.

In the makeup world, fresh dewy skin is going nowhere. No one can get enough of highlighters in every texture and shade. The RMS Living Luminizer has been a cult hit for years, and they recently introduced the Luminizer X Quad—a palette of four shimmering shades. Rituel de Fille recently won an Allure Beauty Award for their mesmerizing Rare Light Luminizer Collection. Each shade is inspired by a natural light phenomena.

The Detox Market curates the best in green beauty on their website that ships worldwide, as well as in two Los Angeles locations, and two Toronto locations. You can also join our community and get expert advice on Instagram, YouTube, and our brand new blog, Detox Your Life.

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