Poor pigmentation. Too dry. Not long-lasting. Those are the three major issues that natural makeup has going against it, shares Nevio Ragazzini, a New York City-based makeup artist who, in his 25-year career, has worked on such beauties as Sophia Loren, Keira Knightley, and Natalie Portman. “It’s just hard to find a really good natural makeup brand,” he says. So, what is the beauty trend with natural makeup?

With that said, as of May 2017, fully 21 percent of U.S. adults purchased organic makeup “exclusively, or nearly exclusively,” reports a recent market study by Statista. What that suggests to me is that even though many of the natural and clean cosmetic brands may lack some of the advantages of traditional cosmetics, the health angle of clean beauty is blowing away the competition.

“The trend is awareness. The trend is not about all-natural crunchy brands, but about better, healthier choices.” —Meryl Marshall

The trend is awareness,” says Meryl Marshall, co-founder of Hynt Beauty, a natural cosmetics brand that launched in the summer of 2015. A breast cancer survivor who segued into the beauty industry from the jewelry industry, Marshall shares that the experience was a wakeup call and a journey to make good choices.

“The trend is not about all-natural crunchy brands, but about better, healthier choices.” While Marshall admits that it’s “very tough to be natural in makeup and very hard to keep synthetics out of products,” she tells me that Hynt Beauty experienced over 75 percent growth in 2017. The brand’s hero product is its Duet Perfecting Concealer that’s available in seven shades. “Women want a natural look, they want to see more skin. For me, less is more. As we age more makeup does not look pretty. I want my skin to look like my skin.”

 A Little Color in the Natural World

Lucy Baldock-Sacchi, CEO and Co-founder of Lucy B’s, echoes Marshall’s sentiments. “Makeup is about enhancing yourself with a little color in the natural world,” she says. “I’m fifty now and seeing that you need to carry on with making the skin glowy when you’re not really feeling that way. Whatever we put on our skin really sinks in.” Baldock-Sacchi’s goal is to help women feel good about themselves. “I’m into uplifting women, helping them to feel confident.”

“Makeup is about enhancing yourself with a little color in the natural world.” —Lucy Baldock-Sacchi

Hydra Bloom Beauty, Lucy B’s latest launch, will be debuting at Cosmoprof North America’s Discover Green show this July. “This line is completely natural,” states Baldock-Sacchi, and will include color cosmetics, such as a lip and cheek tint, a talc-free foundation—and naturally, an illuminizer for the face. Hydra Bloom’s body line will include coconut balms, a body oil and a new formulation of Lucy B’s cult product—the shimmer oils—minus the fragrance and thickeners. “I’m super-excited for the body products,” she notes. “As a makeup artist, there’s a lot of body makeup that you do . . . I’m excited to be working with these oils . . . In the summer, you want the color of your body to match [your face].”

Natural makeup beauty trend: Brows & the Basics

When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, Lauren Bilon, Founder, Plume, Hair & Lash Science, believes very strongly that “today’s consumer wants effective, luxurious, clean, and safe cosmetic products that they can trust that are free from any toxic ingredients.”  She also believes that the three basic natural cosmetic products every woman should have on hand are:

  • A tinted powder with an SPF. “SPF lotions need to be applied continuously throughout the day; however, many us of who wear foundation would never apply a cream-based SPF on top (this would ruin our make-up!),” says Bilon. “Powder provides protection, plus it reduces the shine on our faces created by our natural oil production, which is an added bonus.”
  • Mascara. “It’s a game changer for many of us! Applying just a coat or two will bring any face to life.”
  • Colored lip gloss or lip balm. “Something as simple as a tinted lip color finishes a basic look. One with SPF is ideal.”

Bilon has made a name for herself in clean beauty with her lash and brow products—Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum and Nourish & Define Brow Pomade. Her entry into the market was, like Marshall’s, due to a health issue. “After the birth of my first child, I suffered from significant hair and eyelash loss. I tried a pharmaceutical product as a solution but experienced serious side effects, including discolored eyelids, burning skin, and blurred vision,” Bilon shares. She couldn’t find a safe and natural option, so she decided to develop her own.

“Through extensive research and trial and error, I was able to unearth safe, all-natural, and beneficial ingredients, achieving dramatic eyelash and brow growth. Many of the ingredients were hard to find, required refrigeration, perished quickly, or refused to bond,” she recalls. “I decided I needed help and partnered with leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator Irene Schnell, a certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science.”

“The brow trend is going stronger than ever!” —Lauren Bilon

Bilon says the brow trend is going stronger than ever. She’s also seeing “exponential growth in the trend toward natural beauty and non-toxic ingredients.” And as far as new products go, Bilon is launching an Auburn brow pomade available next month and is working on a colored brow gel in six shades.

6 More Natural Brands ON TREND

Along with Hynt Beauty, Lucy B’s Hydra Bloom, and Plume, the following natural cosmetic companies will be exhibiting at Cosmoprof North America Discover Green show this July 29th through 31st.

EarthLab Cosmetics: Handmade in the U.S. and Canada, this company supports the Safe Cosmetics Act and offers brushes, mineral bronzers, blushes, concealers, and foundations, along with eyeshadows and vegan liners, raw and vegan mascaras, and a natural brow builder. Lip products include a natural lip gloss, vegan lip liners, and vegan “lip stix.” https://www.earthlabcosmetics.us

 Emani Vegan Cosmetics: “Emani is more than just makeup, it’s where great skin begins,” says founder Michelle Doan. “We are deeply passionate about skin although we are a makeup brand. ‘Healthy’ makeup has never been known to be ‘glamorous’ or high-performing, this is where Emani strides to change the face of ‘Natural Cosmetics.’ Emani, enthuses Doan, was “vegan before vegan was hip.” A full line for face, eyes, and lips, including a vegan brush set, Emani’s hero products include its Perfect10 Prime Serum. https://emani.com

 Mychelle Dermaceuticals: This award-winning natural skincare company doesn’t really dabble in makeup, but it does offer a lip product worth mentioning: Lip Hints Conditioning Lip Balms. Available in Sheer, Berry, Nude, and Plum, these rich, nourishing balms add just the right amount of color for a natural look. https://www.mychelle.com/collections/lip-hints

Plant Apothecary: Launched in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Holly McWhorter and Bjarke Ballisager, this refreshingly creative USDA Certified Organic line offers “Unisex, USDA Organic beauty, grooming and bath products,” including Reset Organic Makeup Remover. https://plantapothecary.com

Zuzu Luxe: This line, founded by Gabriel De Santino of Gabriel Cosmetics, offers a full line of vegan, gluten-free, and natural makeup for face, eyes, and lips, along with tools and accessories. Two limited-edition makeup gift sets, “Wanderlust,” and “Trailblazer,” nicely round out the natural offerings. https://gabrielcosmeticsinc.com

Something To Look Forward To

Keep an eye out for the late 2018 launch of a USDA Certified Organic line of makeup from Niko. “For many years now, mineral makeup has dominated the professional makeup industry,” says CEO and Founder, Niko Papadatos. “While mineral makeup has many great benefits, we decided to develop a whole new revolutionary concept to makeup. Ethically harvested and USDA Certified Organic is our goal. Organiko Labs, a division of Niko Cosmetics, is now offering Private Label USDA Certified Organic Skin Care. Expectations for USDA Certified Organic Makeup is expected to make its debut late 2018. Harvesting the energy of plants to enhance our lives. The future is true Organic.”

By: Mary Bemis, Founder & Editorial Director, InsidersGuidetoSpas.com and Co-Curator Cosmoprof North America Discover Green & Discover Green Leaf shows.

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