With Las Vegas being a mecca for all things indulgent, retailers have to stand out from the rest of the glitz and glam in order to attract and maintain clients. SKINS 6|2  is a luxury beauty concept store that came to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas after having great success in the Netherlands.  There, the retailer strives to bring newness and innovation to a discerning customer base- the tourists and inhabitants of Las Vegas.

CPNA sits down with founders Marie and Michiel Poelmans to learn more about the secrets to their success:




  1. What are the benefits of being a Las Vegas based luxury beauty concept store?
    A great test market that is high-traffic.  It is great for potential roll-out, national and international exposure, and long business hours.
  1. Given your experience as a retailer in the same luxury sector in the Netherlands, how do beauty consumer demands differ from those of US clients?
    There is not that much difference- there is a bit more demand for quality skincare in the Netherlands because clinical, medical and cosmetic procedure are more accessible and acceptable in theUS.
  1. How challenging is it to find new brands to constantly edit the store’s assortment and bring newness to your clients?
    It is not so challenging- we are approached by new brands on a daily basis.
  1. How does SKINS 6|2 build a client base with the transient client coming to the Las Vegas strip?
    We have a personal database system, and our sales associates follow up with their clients during slower hours.
  1. What are the SKINS 6|2 core values, and how do you execute them on a daily basis?
  • Innovation: We introduce new, interesting brands on a regular basis.
  • Independent advice: We really listen to the customer and advise them on what they need, not what we want to sell.
  • Retail theater: We constantly change our store set-up to surprise our customers.







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